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KBB Brass Safety valve KBB Stainless Steel Safety Valve
KBB Brass Safety Valve

KBB Stainless Steel Safety Valve

Brand K B B
Size 1/2"-2" - Thread Brass , Stainless Steel
Standard Spring 4-10 Bar
Special Spring 1-4 Bar
Type Cover , Lever

Pressure safety valve should have to be operated for one purpose only: over-pressure protection.

Reasons for Excess Pressure in a Vessel

There are a number of reasons why the pressure in a vessel or equipment can exceed a predetermined limit. The most common are:

  • Blocked outlet
  • Exposure to external fire, often referred to as “Fire Case”
  • Thermal expansion of fluid
  • Abnormal process conditions (Chemical reaction)
  • Cooling system failure
  • Heat exchanger tube rupture
  • Pipework component failure
  • Control Valve failure

Difference between Pressure Safety Valve and Pressure Relief Valve

“Pressure Safety Valve” and “Pressure Relief Valve” are commonly used terms to identify pressure relief devices on a vessel or equipment.¬†Although freely used interchangeably, these terms differ in the following aspect:

Pressure Safety Valve

Pressure safety valve is the term used to describe relief device on a compressible fluid or gas filled vessel. For such a valve the opening is sudden. When the set pressure of the valve is reached, the valve opens almost fully.

Pressure Relief Valve

Pressure relief valve is the term used to describe relief device on a liquid filled vessel. For such a valve the opening is proportional to increase in the vessel pressure. Hence the opening of valve is not sudden, but gradual if the pressure is increased gradually.

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